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Hospitality Workers FAQ

1) What are the essential components of the hospitality worker training program?
Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. (Recruitment Solutions) is approved by the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) to provide training for hospitality workers. The training program is based in Manila, Philippines and the course curriculum uses emerit training standards. Recruitment Solutions trains housekeeping/room attendants and food and beverage servers for deployment in Canada.

2) What is the cost of the tuition to take the hospitality worker training course?
The tuition for the classroom hospitality worker training program is 40,000 pesos.

3) Can the tuition be paid by installments?
The option to pay tuition in installments is available. Tuition covers the cost of class room instruction, the hospitality worker study manual, remedial study sessions with the instructor and the emerit online exam which resides on the AHLA server in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

4) Can the fees be paid in Canada?
Fees may be paid to our representatives in our Calgary and Winnipeg offices.

5) How is the classroom course organized?
Classes are arranged during evenings and weekends where possible. Instructors of the hospitality worker training programs are trained by a representative of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association. The instructors will review the hospitaity worker curriculum in the classroom and students will be provided with work books published by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Councilthat assist the hospitality worker student comprehend the curriculum and prepare to write the online exam. After completion of the classroom study portion of the program students will be required to write the emerit online exam which resides on the AHLA server in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Those who pass the online exam will be approved to participate in the mandatory on-the-job training portion of the program.

6) What is involved in the mandatory on-the-job (OJT) training program?
After successful completion of the online examination as required by the AHLA, hospitaity students are required to participate in a program of 300 hours of supervised on the job training (OJT) for housekeepers and 500 hours for the food and beverage servers. On the job training can be taken at a number of hotels and resorts approved by the hotel worker instructors.

The hotel worker instructors will discuss on the job training options available to the trainee once they are registered and have begun to take the classroom portion of the program.

7) If a trainee is employed as a room attendant (housekeeper) or waiter/waitress (food & beverage server) in a hotel or restaurant do they have to take the OJT?
If you are employed as a hotel room attendant (housekeeper) or waiter/waitress (food & beverage server) you can arrange for your employment supervisor to evaluate your job skills and, if successful, you may not be required to take the mandatory OJT.

8) After I complete the classroom and on the job training will I attain certification as a room attendant or food and beverage server?
After successfully completing the online exam and the mandatory hours of on the job training, you will receive the Occupation Knowledge and Performance Certificate for a housekeeper or food & beverage server. Final certification can only be attained after arrival in Canada and is done through the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association. All hospitality workers are encouraged to complete the certification process once in Canada. You can begin working in Canada after you receive the Occupational ExperienceCertificate referenced above.

9) If I successfully complete the classroom training and the mandatory OJT am I guaranteed a job in Canada?
Successfully completing the online examination and mandatory OJT of the program does not guarantee you a job in Canada. Upon completion of your training and receipt of the Occupational Experience Certificate, Recruitment Solutions will present your credentials to prospective employers and work to obtain a job offer for you.

If Recruitment Solutions is successful in obtaining a job offer for you, you must apply to the Canadian Embassy for approval to work in Canada. The Canadian Embassy can reject applicants with valid job offers for a variety of reasons. The Canadian Embassy is entirely independent of the AHLA, HRPC and Recruitment Solutions and is solely responsible for granting approval of visas to work in Canada.

10) Does the Canadian Embassy grant hotel workers a work visa or an immigrant visa?
If you are successful you will be granted a one year work visa by the Canadian Embassy.

11) Will I be required to sign a contract to work for one employer in Canada?
You will be required to sign a contract stating that you accept the job offer of full time employment as a hotel worker and that you will work for your sponsoring employer for one year.

12) After my contract is completed can I stay in Canada?
You will be granted a one year or a two year work visa by the Canadian Embassy. After completion of your one or two years in Canada the terms of the work visa require you to return to the Philippines.

If you are employed as a hospitality worker in Provinces with a Provincial Nominee Program such as Alberta or Manitoba, you may have an opportunity to extend your visa if you are nominated by your employer to the Government’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Under the auspices of the PNP individuals can be nominated to remain in Alberta or Manitoba and if approved you will have your work visa converted to an immigrant visa. This process may take a year to complete and should you be nominated to remain in the Province where you are employed, you can extend your work visa while the PNP processes your application. You will be required to stay employed with your sponsoring employer while your application is being processed.

13) During my stay in Canada can I take a holiday?
You are not eligible to take a holiday when in Canada on a one year work visa. However, you will earn vacation pay while employed according to provincial labor law.

14) Who will pay for the Canadian Embassy processing fees?
This depends on the conditions set by the Government where you reside when you are recruited.  Consult with Recruitment Solutions for the situation that appplies to your situation.

15) Is a placement fee charged by Recruitment Solutions or its’ partner company in the Philippines to obtain a job offer to work in Canada?

16) Who will pay for the cost of travel to Alberta, Canada?
Your employer is responsible for paying for the cost of a return air ticket from to Canada. Your employer is also responsible for arranging transportation for you to your place of employment. Housing will be arranged for you by your employer and Recruitment Solutions.

17) If I register to take the training class and I complete the mandatory OJT quickly how soon can I start work in Canada?
The hospitality worker training classes are underway now. It is expected that the classroom portion of the hospitaity worker training program can be completed within five to eight weeks. When you successfully pass the online exam you should be able to begin the mandatory OJT as soon as possible. If you complete the OJT quickly you may be approved to work in Canada as quickly as 6 – 7 months after starting the training.

18) How much do hospitality workers get paid in Canada?
Hotel room attendants (housekeepers) earn approximately $9.50 - $11.50 (Canadian) per hour. Food and beverage servers earn less but have the opportunity to earn much more through gratuities. The Canadian dollar is trading at just over 40 pesos per dollar. (Source: The Manila Bulletin Online, April 4, 2008).

19) Where will I live in Canada?
Some hospitality employers have dedicated housing for staff. This is usually the case when the hotel is located in a National or Provincial Park such as Banff, Lake Louise or Jasper Alberta.

In other locations the employer will work with Recruitment Solutions to arrange suitable accommodation in a variety of settings such as a room within the hotel complex or a room with a local family.

20) Has Recruitment Solutions and its’ parent company, WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd., been successful in bringing hotel workers to Canada?

21) What is the name of Recruitment Solutions’ partner company in the Philippines and how long have the companies been involved in international recruitment?
The parent company of Recruitment Solutions is WorldWide HealthStaff Associates Ltd. (HealthStaff). HealthStaff has been in partnership with Horizon Recruitment Pacific Corporation (HRPC) in the Philippines since 1998 and together have successfully brought hundreds of Filipinos to both Canada and the United States.

22) Will Recruitment Solutions train more hospitality workers than Recruitment Solutions has orders from hspitaity employers for housekeepers and food and beverage servers?
No, it is our agreement with the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association to train only enough hotel workers to fill anticipated orders from hospitality employers.

23) What are the qualifications to become a trainee in the hospitality worker program?
Candidates for the hospitaity worker training program should have previous, recent work experience and have strong English language skills. Work experience as a housekeeper or food or beverage server is an asset. At least 72 university or college credits are mandatory. Graduates of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Bachelor’s degree program are invited to apply.

24) Whom should I contact for more information?
Kaye Varias is the Program Manager for the Hospitality Worker Training Program in Manila. Candidates should contact Kaye and arrange to attend an orientation session to learn more about the details of the program. Kaye can be reached in Manila at 632-724-8601 and 632-726-3605.

25) What is the address of your office in Manila?
Our office is located at 3/F 205 EDSA Blvd., corner Rochester Street, Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

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