Accounting Techs

In North America the accounting profession is facing two separate and significant challenges.

The accounting work force is aging and not being replaced by young graduates at the same time as the financial reporting requirements for public companies is increasing in complexity. Many accounting firms are turning down new business due to a lack of sufficient accountants and accounting techs.

Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. (Recruitment Solutions) has researched the availability of suitable candidates for the accounting profession in Canada and has documented that there is currently a surplus of potential accounting candidates in Germany willing to immigrate to Canada to work in accounting firms.

These individuals are:

  • bilingual and often trilingual;
  • graduates of a university program in business or commence;
  • eligible under a special immigration program sponsored jointly by the Governments of Canada and Germany that expedites processing to Canada;
  • interested in making Canada their home; and
  • candidates for enrolment in a Certified General Accountant (CGA) program.

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