Construction Workers

Early in 2005, major announcements were made across Canada heralding the commencement of mega construction projects. Examples of these include the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Manitoba floodway expansion and the oil sands developments in northern Alberta.

With these announcements came a media debate whether or not Canada has a sufficient supply of skilled labour to support these projects. As the scope of major construction projects became known, public debate has shifted and now centers on the prospect that Canadian construction and building trade employers will have to augment traditional hiring practices and recruit international trade workers in order to complete the various mega construction projects set to commence.

Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. believes that given the age of the Canadian construction trades workforce Canadian employers have no option but to undertake international recruitment of skilled trade workers.

Across the country, Canadian employers are struggling to hire a sufficient supply of construction trade workers. These include optional certification trades, compulsory certification trades and designated occupations that do not require certification. Trade worker shortages include, but are not limited to the following trades:

  • boiler maker;
  • carpenter;
  • concrete finisher;
  • construction craft labourer;
  • electrician;
  • gas fitter;
  • heavy equipment technician;
  • machinist;
  • millwright;
  • plumber;
  • roofer; and
  • welder.

Although construction trade workers listed above are in short supply in Canada, trade workers with these credentials and considerable international work experience are available from other countries.

Recruitment Solutions International Ltd. can access experienced oil and gas trade workers and general construction trade workers using our offices in Asia and Europe. These international trade workers have considerable work experience in the oil and gas industry in the Middle East and other countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. The skills that are required to construct large oil and gas facilities and pipelines in Canada are the same skills that are employed by the international work force working around the world.

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